I’m Douglas. I lead teams in Santa Monica building developer experiences.

¡Hola! I am a Mexican American designer with an engineering background from MIT. I work collaboratively with cross-functional leaders and stakeholders to deliver consumer and enterprise user experiences for developers. My ability to connect user needs, technological feasibility, and business impact helps startups and large enterprise companies grow their brands and scale their digital product teams.

My super power is leading diverse teams to build integrated digital experiences with agile and lean development principles. I am currently a UX Manager III at AWS, Analytics.

Over the last seven years I have mentored hardware and software product teams through the product design and development process at MIT. As a queer latino people leader in tech my top priorties are always diversity, equality, and trust. I guide my design teams to shape environments that attract, retain, and promote diverse talent. I volunteer as a mentor for Out in Tech in order to create a more equitable industry.

I have a passion for creating innovative and complex technological solutuions and translating them into simple, accessible, inclusive, and user friendly experiences through design.

I built this website using Next.js, React.js, and Tailwind CSS. It is hosted by Vercel and typeset in Inter & JetBrains Mono.